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FTC sends warning letters to companies advertising their CBD-infused products as...

As part of its regular monitoring of health-related advertising claims, the Federal Trade Commission today sent warning letters to three companies that sell oils,...

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Meet Zena || eMtPleasantExtra Pet of the Week

Meet ZenaZena is about six weeks old.She can be adopted for $63 at the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter, 1500 N. Mulberry Street, Mt. Pleasant...
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Sexual assaults on campus || See It Say It

During our See It, Say It series, we have tackled mass shootings, mental illness, gun control, bullying and more. This all led me to...

Rare Friday the 13th full moon will be on display tonight

Not only is today Friday the 13th, but a rare full moon will be on full display this evening. The so-called Harvest Moon will be...


Orange Cream Cheese Bread || Polly the Food Snob

As Christmas approaches, we're all making plans for our own holiday menu items. On our list in the Holladay household is one of our...

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