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File your taxes for free with this United Way program || Those with incomes less than $66,000


United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person, in every community. 

MyFreeTaxes.com offers financial education and tools to build a solid foundation that improves lives. Tax refund checks are often the largest paycheck that a family receives and can be used to pay bills, save for the future, buy groceries, etc.

According to MyFreeTaxes.com, 70% of US filers are eligible for free tax preparation but don’t take advantage, potentially paying to access tax credits or deductions such as the EITC.

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Since 2009, almost 1 Million taxpayers filed using MyFreeTaxes, bringing $1.4 Billion back to communities in tax refunds, and saving individuals and families $191 Million in tax filing fees.

United Way and H&R Block partner to offer MyFreeTaxes- free online tax preparation- to individuals and families who earned $66,000 or less in 2018.  The toolkit has simple instructions and easy to use templates to help your organization reach more eligible filers.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity. 

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