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Is Facebook deleting inactive group members?


Source: cnet.com

Recently, the social media platform has been blowing up with messages from group admins begging people to respond to a post or risk being removed from the group by Facebook officials.

That’s not exactly what’s going on, however.

According to Facebook, the only people being removed are those who have never visited the group. This is possible because, in the past, friends were able to add others to a Facebook group and the add was automatic. The friend had no option to “accept” the group invitation – they were instantly added to the group. This happened to so many people so often that many didn’t even realize they were added to these groups.

Facebook officials have now made changes where the person invited has to “accept” the invitation before they are added to the group. 

So why are groups getting smaller?

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If you’ve never visited a group that you’re a member of, Facebook assumes you were one of those people who were automatically added to that group. As a result, they’re removing you from that group.

If, however, you are a member of a group you’ve visited before, Facebook assumes that you want to be in that group – even if you are currently inactive – and you will not be removed from the group without your consent.

So, if you’re a lurker and prefer to stay silent in your group, don’t worry – as long as you’ve visited the group on your own volition, you’re safe.


Amanda Cutshall
Amanda Cutshall
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