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Would you try an insect-based protein diet?


According to a recent study at the University of Queensland, researchers have investigated using maggots, locusts and other proteins as food alternatives.

An overpopulated world is going to struggle to find enough protein unless people are willing to open their minds, and stomachs, to a much broader notion of food,” University of Queensland Meat Science Professor Dr. Louwrens Hoffman told PHYS.ORG. “Would you eat a commercial sausage made from maggots? What about other insect larvae and even whole insects like locusts? The biggest potential for sustainable protein production lies with insects and new plant sources.”

According to Hoffman, Westerners are willing to try the insect-based protein diet given the insects are “processed and disguised.

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“And, while insects are largely foreign as a food in Western cultures, for many millions of people around the world they are a familiar part of the diet,” he told PHYS.ORG.

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Source: PHYS.ORG

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