Elijah Hubbard

Sports Writer

Elijah Hubbard is a sports journalist for eExtra News. He loves showing support for all the local sports teams, anywhere from soccer to football, he is there to cover the game.

He graduated high school in a little town outside of Austin, Texas, called Elgin. While in high school, Elijah played almost every sport available, took pictures for the school, and was thoroughly involved in ROTC for all four years. After graduation, he moved to Paris with his family and currently attends Paris Junior College, studying to become an EMT and eventually a paramedic.

"I love sports journalism because every game is different and you never know what is going to happen on that field," he said.

"Sports, in general, builds character and high-class people that turn around and directly influence the community. It is an honor to highlight the stories of the Lamar County athletes."

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