Greg Higgins

March. Just the name gets me excited. It’s absolutely one of my favorite months out of the year.

March brings all-you-can-eat pancakes (thanks to the Kiwanis Club), the first day of spring, daylight saving time and one of my favorite holidays: St. Patricks Day.

Perhaps, though, the most important thing March gives us is basketball and lots of it. College basketball tournament time is upon us and that means people are filling out
their brackets. People are thinking of excuses to call-in to work. All so we can watch as many games as possible over the next three weeks.

Obviously, the games are the best part of the tournament — or are they? Every year millions of people will fill out brackets of who they think will win each tournament game. Some of this is for pride amongst family and friends. While others play for green slips of paper with dead presidents’ faces on them. All-in-all, people are obsessed with the tournament. How obsessed, you ask? It’s estimated that the tournament will cost employers around $2.3 billion in lost productivity as workers are researching their bracket and watching games.

Not only will people be cheering for their brackets, they will also be cheering for the little man. The underdog, if you will. Unless you went to a big school or are a fan of one of them most people will be cheering for the upset. It’s so much fun when a number 12 or 13 team takes down a 5 or 4 seed respectively. Occasionally you’ll have the 15 upset the 2 seed.

This is what makes the tournament so great. It’s one game. Winner moves on. Loser goes home. Anything can happen for 40 minutes in one game. Cinderella can dance one more time and the country will cheer her on every time she takes the dance floor. Any moment, we know it could be her last dance. We hope it’s not but we never know.

So we will keep watching and keep hoping that this year it’s Cinderella holding the trophy at the end of the tournament.