The following individuals were booked into Titus County Sheriff’s Office.

SAVAGE,KEVIN LASHAWN – Unl carrying weapon; Possession of marijuana <2oz

ROBERTSON,CHRISTIN CORINE – FTA/Possession of marijuana <2oz; Theft of property >=$750<$2,500; Theft of property >=$100<$750 ; CPF/Expired license plates

POLITE,CAVAN – Possession of controlled substance PG 1 >=1G<4G; Possession of controlled substancePG 2 < 1G; Unl Carrying weapon

HUNT,JANET – Possession of controlled substance PG 1 <1G; Tamper/fabricate physical evidence with intent to impair

EMBRY,JAQUAN LEWIS – Possession of marijuana <2oz

BERKHIEMER,BENJAMIN – Possession of controlled substance PG 1 >=4G<200G

WALKER,REGGIE DEWAN – Assault causes bodily injury family violence; Assault by contact F/V; Interfer with emergency request for assistance


Source: Titus County inmate booking reports


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