As Far As The Eye Can See” will have a special screening at the Paris Community Theater on Feb. 25 at 2 p.m.

Native Texan and screenwriter for the film, Paden Fallis, brings us a movie about Texas — done right. The cast got the Northeast Texas accent right and the film crew managed to showcase our beautiful Texas skies, all the while taking us through a story of disappointment, relatable characters and possibilities of change.

Paden Fallis

Paden Fallis

Without giving too much of the film away, the main character, Jack Ridge, played by Jason London (“Dazed and Confused”), returns to his family’s farm after winning the famous Van Cliburn piano competition some 25 years earlier. The farm is set in Northeast Texas, but most of the filming was done in Austin, Texas. Jack Ridge is living in a run-down house on 300 acres of prime farming land with a large corporation after his land for their own gain. He is also dealing with a pending divorce from his wife, a liking of alcohol, his anxiety to play piano again and a host of town folks who adore him.

I recently spoke to Fallis over the phone and Jack Ridge was a real person; in fact, Jack was Fallis’ grandfather. The real Jack was a true farmer and lived in nearby Windom, Texas.

“I actually wrote a short piece on my grandfather several years ago when David Franklin, the director of the film, came to me in 2013 and said, ‘We are going to write a movie together,'” Fallis said. “So, this movie actually started with my writings about my grandfather.”

Fallis spent many summers with his grandparents in Windom, Texas, and has fond memories of the family farm.

“I had a perspective of farming from a distance, but my grandfather had a love for the land,” Fallis said. “My grandfather and I do have two things in common; we don’t like to be bossed around and come hell or high water we are going to do what we love to do.”

Jack Ridge did just that — he was farming until the day he passed and Fallis loves the industry he has been in for 30-plus years.

Jason London is joined by fellow cast members Danny Mora, Annalee Jefferies and newcomer Jasmine Skloss Harrison along with others.

“This cast is just incredible and we were lucky to get these talented actors in the movie,” Fallis said. “Mora offers a bit of comic relief to the film, while Jefferies character is someone any Texan who has ever been in a small country café can relate to. London definitely pulls off the sweet and brooding nature of Jack Ridge.”

“As Far As The Eye Can See” will be released on DVD and streaming video platforms in March.

“We are doing these screenings so that people will tell their friends and family members about it and get the film more attention. We are looking forward to the screening in Paris on the 25th and it’s always nice to come home,” Fallis said.

Tickets are available for the screening at Brown Paper Tickets. Click here to order.