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Fill the Stocking set for Friday in Mt. Pleasant || Annual fundraiser


fill the stocking
Photo: MPPD

You’ve heard of the Fill the Boot fundraiser, well its time for Fill the Stocking.

Happening in downtown Mt. Pleasant this Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, the Fill the Stocking fundraiser is the only fundraiser held by First Responders Respond.

“The bulk of the money raised will be used to provide Christmas for underprivileged children in Titus County,” officials announced online.

A portion is also set aside each year to help assist with emergency needs of the citizens and first responders.

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“This is a time to remember how very blessed we are and to help those less fortunate,” officials announced. “I hope to see you on the square in downtown Mt. Pleasant.”

The First Responders Respond Foundation provides services throughout the year to citizens who have temporary emergency needs. All proceeds stay within our community. The foundation is comprised of all law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical services personnel working within Titus County. These First Responders use the money raised to give back to our community through your support.


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