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Local business owner collects more than 1,000 signatures to legalize liquor sales in Mt. Pleasant



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One local business owner has taken it upon himself to collect more than 1,000 signatures to legalize liquor sales in Mt. Pleasant.

“I have heard from so many people that it is very silly that we can’t buy locally and keep our tax dollars in the city,” said Manish Amin, owner of the Pic ‘n Pay store on N. Jefferson. “More and more, people are seeing that it is important to keep it local, and that’s what we are trying to do with this petition.”

The petition calls for the sale of all alcoholic beverages to be permitted in the city. Amin said he collected nearly 1,100 signatures in a very short amount of time. He said he decided to do this after seeing the positive impacts collecting sales taxes on beer and wine has had for the city and county since passed a couple years ago.

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“Mt. Pleasant did not have beer or wine, but it finally passed,” he said. “It has been an ongoing thing about when liquor would be available. I wanted to see what it would do to the town and what changes it brings to the community. I personally talked with city and county officials about four months ago to get a feel for it – as far as the negative impact on the city – and, to be honest, it was all really positive feedback. I heard nothing negative about it so I thought maybe it is time. That’s when I decided to start working on the petition.”

In fact, Manish said he learned the city collects 1.5 percent and the county collects .5 percent of the sales taxes generated by beer and wine sales.

“I have daughters in the school system here, so I wouldn’t do this if I thought there would be negative impacts. I’m doing this because it can only generate more money for the city and county, and that can only be a positive thing.

City Secretary Darleen Durant has 30 days to verify the signatures. After that, she is expected to present the issue to the city council to be added as a proposition to the May 2019 elections.

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