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Billboards soliciting dates for Sulphur Springs radio personality pop-up


Billboards around Sulphur Springs have started soliciting a date for Star 95.9 Morning Show Host Jordan Owens. The billboards were put up by Owens’ friend Jacob Mazoch as payback for a prank Owens pulled on him.

The sign reads, “Fashion forward male seeking single female. Must be fluent in JUUL pod flavors, like obscure soccer teams, enjoy engaging in political fights on Facebook & spending time on the beach with a metal detector. Call me.”

Mazoch said he and Owens are longtime friends and enjoy pranking each other. He said it’s hard not to try to have fun when they play shows on most weekends since they play in multiple bands together.

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“This sign is retribution for a fake profile Jordan made of me on a questionable dating site,” said Mazoch. “We won’t go into details about which one.”

Owens is taking the prank in stride.

“I’m waving the white flag. Jacob wins, hands down,” he said. “I didn’t see this coming at all. I’m sure my girlfriend is thrilled about all the potential text messages and phone calls I’m going to receive. As much as it hurts me to say this, Jacob planned and executed the most genius payback in the history of paybacks. That’s the only compliment I’ll give you, Mazoch.”

Keep an eye out for the “personal ad” on the electronic billboards as you drive around town.

Radio listeners can listen to Mazoch discuss this prank and more weekdays on Star 95.9’s Big Ol’ Morning Show from 6-10 a.m.

Source: http://frontporchnewstexas.com


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