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MPHS color guard chooses leadership and new members for 2019-20


Mount Pleasant High School held tryouts for the color guard earlier in April. The 2019-20 color guard will be lead by Captain Jenifer Deciga, Lieutenant Azucena Salinas, Lieutenant Taryn Thurman, and Squad Leaders Ashley Benyshek, Joshlyn Paloblanco, Sashi Poudel and Patricia Roque.

Members of the 2019-20 color guard include Aniyah Alexander, Rosario Antolin, Aaliyah Avellaneda, Rosie Bello, Hailey Benyshek, Natalie Castillo, Desline Chavez, Norma Delgado, Victor Diaz, Alexandra Estrada, Betzaida Garcia, Kylie Hedge, Diana Hernandez, Dorali Hernandez, Alexandra Ibanez, Jennifer Leyva, Daisy Lozano, Lesley Lozano, Gracie McClendon, Nataly Montoya, Rachell Moreno, China Paloblanco, Katherine Phelan, Jessica Plancarte, Tiffany Rangel, Kaitlyn Reese, Jonathan Reyes, Maira Rocha, Briana Sanchez, Jonathan Tepetate, Estefanie Torres, Karen Trejo, Emmalee Wade and Viridiana Ysasi.

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